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ஓம் சக்தி Sep 17 2017
Ganapathy Ambaal Murugan Aiyappan Samaya Naalvar
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It was mid 1992. A Tamil Canadian, living in Mississauga suddenly wakes up from bed. It was five past four in the morning. His lips were pronouncing the word “thaaye.. thaaye..”  His wife who was beside him and disturbed by his action was wondering what was going on. She knew that the word “Thaaye” means “O Mother”. But why should he say that early in the morning. His mother passed away decades ago. She asked him why he behaves like that. She has never seen him in that manner before. It looked for her as if he is in a form of trans. He told her that an old lady was asking him to find a place for her to live in that area. She did not look like an ordinary woman. Her words were commanding. Her face showed great kindness. A continuous smile delighted her face more. He could not remove his eyes from her face. After great efforts he opened his mouth and asked her “Where do you live now Mother.” She smiled and said “I live everywhere. But I want a house in this area.” She disappeared after these words. He suddenly woke up.

The same day, when he was at his work, he received a call from one of his friends. He wanted to know whether he can join him in organizing a place of worship for Goddess Jeyadurga. He did not delay a second in giving his consent. They met that evening to discuss about the mode us operandi.  They prepared a list of people of the area whom they thought would like to work with them. A few of them returned the call and some of them suggested few more names to contact.  Finally in early 1993 nine people met at the residence of Mr. Sinnathurai Mahendranathan, to form a Committee to work for the establishment of a Place of Worship to Goddess Jeyadurga. The Committee was formed with Mr. S. Atchuthampillai as the President, Mr. N. Sivagurunathan as the Vice President, Mr. P. Srikanthan as the secretary, Mr. S. Mahendranathan as the Treasurer,  Mr. V. Sivagnanalingam as the Assistant Secretary, Mr. K. Selvaratnam, Mrs. Gnanapoongothai Navaratnam, Mr. V. Ragunathan and Mr. E. Nirthanandam as committee Members. The Committee was named as Hindu Mission of Mississauga. As there were no fixed place to convene the meetings, they were convened at the residences of the members monthly for a good long time. Though there was an initial contribution by the members it was not adequate to commence any of the work towards establishing the place of worship. However, the Treasurer advanced a considerable sum of money for the initial works. He traveled to India on his own expense, and purchased all the deities necessary for the place of Worship. We could raise a considerable amount by a lottery.
After long search, we found a place in Dundas Street, few meters East of Dixie, to start the temple. We had a lot of support from devotees, and helping hands were pouring in. A notable hand was from Siva Selliah, who headed the construction of Joint altar for Goddess Jeyadurga, Vigna Vinayaga and Lord Muruga with Valli and Theivanai. Sivathiru P. Krishnaraja Kurukkal volunteered to be the Chief Priest without any wages till we attain a position to provide a salary. The deities were established, and the Kumbabishekam was performed. But alas, we had to close the temple the next day as the other tenants of the building protested. Now we had to find place to store all the materials bought by us together with the deities and other necessary equipments of the temple. As all the funds were exausted in the Kumbabishekam and the first and months’ rent for the building leased. We managed to rent a 10 x 10 public storage and stored the things there. The then Vice President Mr. Sivgurunathat took the initiative in this matter and the rent from his own money. However, the Mission was able to settle all his accounts at a later date.
Then we found a Unit in Wilkinson Road in Brampton area, a few meters south of Dixie and Steel. The temple gained good support from devotees and was growing very fast in religious activities. By the grace of Goddess Jeyadurga, the temple moved to Jeyadurga’s own building in a few years. The location of the present temple is at 1808 Drew Road which is about 500 meters east of Dixie in Drew Road. One can see that Goddess Jeyadurga has some ties with Dixie Road as all the locations where hert Temple was located were very close to Dixie.
I have personal experience how keeping faith and worshiping Jeyadurga rewards. Several of the devotees have told me incidents how Goddess Jeyadurga made there missions succeed. You go to the Temple with tons of problems and you would realize that you are relieved from most of those if not all, when you exit the Temple.
Finally there is a message which everyone should be aware of. Even though there are more Saiva Temples in the area, this is the only one which is run by the Saiva Public of the area. The fact that Mr. S. Atchuthampillai, Mr, S. Mahendranathan,
Mr. P. Srikanthan, Mr. N. Sivagurunathan, Mrs. Nirmala Siva, Mr. M. Rajivikaran,
Mr. N. Nadarajah, Mr. K. Shanmugarajah and Mr. V. Vijayasegar were leading the activities of Hindu Mission of Mississauga at various time periods is a good evidence that the Temple is run totally for the benefit of the Savaites of the area and not for any personal profits. 
Presently the Mission functions under the leadership of Mr. K. Shanmugarajah, and the deities of the temple are shifted to a temporary shelter (Balasthanam) and renovation of the Altars are being made  and the Kumbabishekam is scheduled for June second of this year.      


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